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Once your website is online your customers need to be able to find you when searching for your services. We provide highly effective SEO (Search Engines Optimization) services that we gain you a high-ranking position on the search engines.

Allow your customers to find you

With hundreds of businesses all competing on the Web, it’s important that you can be found when potential customers are searching for the services/product you provide. No one wants a website that can’t be found or is not effective in generating traffic that could turn into a potential customers. This is where SEO comes in and helps to gain you a high-ranking position on the Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

When you use our SEO and marketing services we will not only implement your chosen keywords, we will also optimise your exiting pages to rank for additional keywords!

Most SEO companies will change the content on your existing pages to make them rank for your chosen keywords. We work differently. We will only make slight changes to your existing pages, mainly in the back end code of the site to get the pages ranking as extra free keywords. We then add the keywords you have requested us to use on top of this.

This is just a way for us to thank our customers for choosing us.

When using our monthly SEO services we will send you detailed monthly marketing reports showing you exactly how our services are working for you.

Unlike some other companies we wont just take your money and tell you we have done the work. We like to build lasting working relationships with our clients, keep you informed of your sites progress and actually show you what kind of results you are getting.

In our monthly reports we will tell you exactly what page and result your keywords are ranking on. We will break down this information in easy to understand colour coded tables. We can also provide a detailed analysis of exactly how many impressions and clicks your web pages are getting upon request.

One of the main benefits of choosing our SEO services is that you will benefit from our excellent customer support.

We are always here to help during business hours via telephone on 01202 984 873. We are very focused on customer satisfaction, so you will always be able to get in touch with any problems or questions you might have.

Our team are always friendly, polite and willing to help.

Value for money or “cheap SEO” is something you will hear a lot in the world of website marketing. The way we are different from most companies is we fully understand that SEO services will not benefit you unless the amount of business you draw in by using our services outweighs the amount you are spending with us.

In the past, our clients have actually covered their entire budget that they would be spending with us for the whole year, in the first month of taking out an SEO package with us. We will always strive to provide this level of service to every single one of our clients.

How Do I Know It Will Work?

We can show you multiple examples of clients that we have ranking on the first page. Our services are so effective that we have even managed to secure the first result on the first page for our clients beating high page ranked sites like Checkatrade to the top spot. If you would like us to show you some examples and keywords you can search for to prove our services really do work then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

How Will SEO Help My Website?

With most business using the web as their primary source of advertising, competing for a 1st page / high-ranking position online is essential. SEO will help in gaining you more business and enquiries as more and more people will be finding your website online. For instance if you own a plumbing company in Christchurch you are going to want to be showing up under “Plumber in Christchurch” or “Plumbing Services Christchurch” when people are searching those terms on the search engines.

How does it Work?

When setting up your SEO Campaign the most important thing is planning a effective strategy. We research and look into what your business does/services you provide and what search terms are regularly being searched to make sure that your campaign is going to work and generate traffic towards your website. Our team will build a report that will outline the key search phrases that are targeted towards gaining you the most exposure.

Once this has been completed and you are happy with the chosen keywords we will set up your campaign. The search engines look at many different factors when analyzing what ranking should be given to each individual website. As our team are highly experienced they are abled to make the tweaks and amendments needs to make sure that your website is being crawled regularly and keep a constant and improving ranking.

How Much Will It Cost?

The amount SEO costs depends on the number of keywords you would like to rank under and how competitive the keywords you choose are. For example the keyword “Weight Loss Program” would be an example of an highly competitive keyword that would be more expensive. However, the keyword “Landscape Gardener Bournemouth” would be a lower competition keyword and cost less for us to market.

If you’re interested in our SEO Bournemouth services, you can get a quote based on your requirements by simply calling one of our team today on 01202 984 873.

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