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This responsive design was built for Southampton based company TSO Construction. This responsive website design will re-size automatically to fit whatever device it is being viewed on. We always like to build responsive websites as, although we can make the websites we build responsive at a later date for an additional charge, it’s quicker for us and cheaper in the long run for our clients to build the site to be responsive from the start.

[notification type="notification_info" ]If you’re on a budget we can build a non-responsive site and upgrade it at a later date.[/notification] [clear]

As always we included some basic marketing with this website. While we are working on your site our designers will add keywords and optimize the website for search engines as we go. This marketing should give your new website a good boost when it first goes live. If you really want to push the marketing and drive traffic to your site you can purchase one of our monthly marketing packages.

The client also purchased our logo design service. We created 3 logo ideas based on the brief we were given and the one you see on the website was the one that was chosen. We always create multiple designs so that you can pick your favorite and we offer amendments so that we can guarantee our clients are as happy as possible with their new logo.

If you would like to talk to us about our responsive website design or logo design services just get in touch! We are always here during UK business hours to talk to you about your project. We can usually offer a quote over the phone after discussing your requirements.